About the SLA membership

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SLA, The Federation of Swedish Forestry and Agricultural Employers is an organisation for employers in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, landscaping, golf and animal clinics.

SLA is, in turn, a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Members of SLA are thus members of both organisations. The membership application applies to both organisations.

Obligation to apply collective agreement

As a member of SLA you are bound to follow the provisions of the collective agreements that apply to your business, for its full duration. This includes an obligation to take out certain insurance policies for your employees.

Termination of membership

The rule governing the termination of membership is stated in the organisation's statues, and allow resignation of membership as of June 30th and December 31st respectively, provided a written (e-mail is also accepted) notice is submitted to SLA at least thirty days in advance.

Arbio AB

SLA, along with The Swedish Forest Industries Federation, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industries, and The Swedish Graphic Companies' Federation, owns Arbio AB, which provides services for the federations' members.

Application forms

Fill in the membership application, and the supplement to membership application and send them both to: SLA, Ingela Hult, Box 55525, 102 04 Stockholm. You can also scan your application forms and e-mail them to medlemsregistret@sla-arbetsgivarna.org